Cacao supports mood and brain function, as well as bone strength and immunity.
Fantastic for healthy weight management, brain health, energy levels and immune system.
chia seeds
Excellent for sustaining your energy levels throughout the day, these ancient seeds also protect your bones and blood sugar levels.
hemp seeds
Hemp seeds are a complete protein that also support the immune system, circulation, brain health and inflammatory responses in the body.
Fantastic for the heart, blood sugar levels, and contain healthy fats for brain health. Also very high in antioxidants
maple syrup
High in minerals and antioxidants, maple syrup supports healthy heart and immune system
Contain vanilloids that reduce inflammation and improve brain function. Also has traditionally been used to calm stomach pains, reduce joint pain and ease stress.
High in minerals, dates are superb for bone health and strength, for anemia as well as for the heart and nervous system.
himalayan pink salt
High in minerals, himalayan pink salt can balance your electrolytes, support your bones and prevent muscle cramping.
raw honey
Unpasteurized raw honey contains an abundance of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that does wonders for the bodies immune system, allergy responses and overall vitality.
orange oil
Uplifting for the spirit orange oil is also anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and can be used as a tonic for overall health and wellbeing.
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